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Training as a specialist planner for preventive fire protection 2023

Understand fire safety. Avoid planning errors. apply knowledge effectively. The training as a specialist planner for preventive fire protection provides the know-how to independently create fire protection certificates. Practical, interactive and compact.

Training as a specialist planner for preventive fire protection 2023

Zeit & Ort

Nov 06, 9:00 AM – Dec 08, 4:00 PM

Hamburg, Kurze Muehren 20, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Über die Veranstaltung

Particularly devastating fires can be avoided if the construction is well planned. Specialist planners must be in a position to create fire protection certificates or concepts as part of the approval process, because these are used in most countries for building classes 4 and 5 and for Special constructions required. 

Our training as a specialist planner for preventive fire protection relies on intensive knowledge transfer and 

Exchange in relation to both legal and engineering fundamentals, as well as with regard to building regulations procedures.

The course enables the participants to independently develop fire protection concepts for standard buildings (building

declasses 4 and 5) as well as for special buildings with a simple degree of difficulty. In addition, die 

laid the essential foundations for the concept creation for more complex special constructions.

The training is designed as a course.

It consists of 128 teaching units of 45 minutes each according to the described content, as well as a 

Final exam in the form of a written exam, an oral exam and a term paper.

Week 1: tbd

Week 2: tbd

Week 3: tbd

The following topics are part of the training:

• Legal basis

• Cooperation with authorities, fire brigades and insurers

• Structural fire protection

• Risk of fire and explosion, fire hazards

• Technical fire protection

• Organizational fire protection

• Hand-operated fire-fighting equipment

• Fire Science

• Expertise

• Special constructions from the point of view of the fire brigade

• Current developments in the fire brigades

• Special constructions

• industrial buildings

• Medium and large garages

• Property inspection

• 3-4 practical exercises: What belongs in a fire protection concept? Work on selected plan examples in groups

• Timber construction

• Insurance and Liability

• Engineering methods

Written exam and oral exam: in the 3rd week

Doing a term paper: Each participant prepares their own fire protection certificate during the week break. 

This is then evaluated individually.

A practical firefighting exercise outdoors and an inspection of the building are integrated into the curriculum.

A minimum of 6 participants is required for the course to take place.





  • Specialist planner prep. B.S


    +€606.72 MwSt.

    The exam fee is included in the price.


    +€606.72 MwSt.





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